Minister Rejects Criticism of New Covid Restrictions

Fianna Fail T. D. and Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has rejected claims the public is confused by new Covid-19 restrictions.

There has been criticism that measures announced by the government yesterday were contradictory.

New Government restrictions announced on Tuesday night were apparently set to counteract the rising number of Covid 19 infections in recent days and weeks.

Adults are being asked to work from home again, while children will still go to school. Meanwhile sporting events are going behind closed doors.

Minister Donnelly had this to say when asked if he accepted that people are confused.. ”I don’t…..I think what the public health experts have done and what government has done is find a way to allow us to live in a world with covid, to work in a world of covid, to get our kids back to school in a world of covid, in a country like most in Europe where the virus is on the rise.”