Missing Fungie Spotted In Dingle Bay


There have been reports of two sightings of Fungie the dolphin in the last 24 hours after fears that he was missing.

The world-famous dolphin who has been in the Dingle peninsula since 1983 hadn’t been seen in two days.

However late last night a Facebook page set up to follow the dolphin, called ‘Fungi Forever’, posted: “Important update. We just got word that Fungie was seen this morning and this evening by Skipper Paul Hand as he went out early this morning and came back late this evening.”

Paul Hand confirmed the sighting and told RTE:  “I am one thousand percent certain it was Fungie. I’ve been looking at him for the last 40 years. It was definitely him. He swam alongside my boat for a spell as I headed out in to the bay.”

Hand added: “There’s a share of other bottlenose dolphins out in the bay at the moment because the place is full of sprat. I saw at least five or six of them out there yesterday.”

“There’s a lot of feeding going on and what’s happening is Fungie is following the fishing boats out in to the bay and is deciding to stay feeding with the other dolphins. He is enjoying the company.”