Most Murders In Ireland Are Motivated By Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence

A garda report on crime shows the majority of murders last year were motivated by domestic abuse.

The report included an analysis of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence. There was an almost 400% increase in domestic abuse motivations between 2020 and 2021.

This includes homicide, sexual violence, attempts or threats to murder and harassment.

The data also shows that domestic abuse primarily affects females, 77% of domestic cases are women, while 23% are men.

Colm Noonan is a Garda Chief Superintendent, and he says Gardai are being specifically trained to deal with domestic abuse….

In recent years An Garda Síochána introduce a number of measures including Operation Faoiseamh, Divisional Protective Service Units, a strong focus on call-backs to victims of domestic abuse, and increased training for Gardaí in this area.

“As a society, there has been a hugely positive sea change in how we view, understand and tolerate domestic abuse in our homes and in our communities, and how absolutely unacceptable it now is.

“For our part, we are focused on a number of operational areas that we believe will enhance how individual Gardaí respond to victims and incidents of domestic abuse to ensure that no matter where a person lives, the service and protection they receive from An Garda Síochána will be of a consistently high standard.

“This report and the detailed analysis and trends it provides, particularly around the increased and enhanced recording of the Victim Offender Relationship and Domestic Abuse motives, will inform us, at an operational level, on how we can build on the successful achievements of Operation Faoiseamh.

“I urge anyone who has in the past or may be currently suffering Domestic, Sexual or Gender Based Violence to contact any Garda station or in an emergency to call 999/112. I can assure victims that they will be supported and every incident will be investigated.

“By fully exposing these crimes, as well as constantly improving our policing response and wider policies, we can help reduce the prevalence of domestic abuse in our society.”

Meanwhile the number of domestic abuse incidents peaked at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, however Gardai say these figures have remained high.