New Metallica Music Is Coming Today

Metallica's Slane Gig

Metallica have confirmed that they will be releasing new music today.

In a message uploaded to the stories section of the band’s official Instagram page Lars Ulrich revealed that “new music” related to the band’s S&M2 concert was about to be released.

“Hey, this is Lars from Metallica, tune in tomorrow [July 15] to hear new Metallica music from ‘S&M2’.”

S&M2 was a two-night concert special Metallica performed alongside the San Francisco Symphony last September.

The S&M2 shows were recorded and released as a concert film for one night only, last October in over 300 cinemas worldwide.

An exact date for the release of S&M2 has yet to be announced.

On the band’s official YouTube channel there is a video scheduled to premiere today July 15th called “Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: All Within My Hands (Live).”