No Bliss For Panti Bar Owner Over Capel Street Pedestrianisation Plans

Dublin - Capel Street

A proposal to pedestrianise Capel Street in Dublin has been criticised for not going far enough by the Dublin Commuter Coalition.

It includes making the area between Ryders Row and Parnell Street traffic-free 24/7, and the removal of all on-street parking between Ormond Quay and Mary Street.

Rory O’Neill, who owns Panti Bar on the street, says the plan only focuses on one small portion of the area… ”The rest of the street.. absolutely nothing. They’re proposing to put in temporary you know, footpath widening. In other words take away some of the car parking spaces for the next period for outdoor dining and that only on a temporary basis and that it is.


”I mean I’m particulary aggrieved and I don’t want to make it just about us. Down at our end of Capel Street, our block is the only block on Capel Street which has full three lanes of traffic. The whole of the rest of the street has one lane of traffic.”