Pandemic Movie Release ‘Tenet’ Raking It In At The Box Office


The much-anticipated sci-fi spy thriller Tenet, the latest film by critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, made $53m at the international box office over the weekend.

According to Warner Bros, Tenet opened in 41 markets, including Canada, the UK, France, and Germany. The film had previously been delayed three times due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Speaking on Tenet’s financial success thus far, the Chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, Toby Emmerich, said in a statement ‘Christopher Nolan has once again delivered an event worthy motion picture that demands to be seen on the big screen, and we are thrilled that audiences across the globe are getting the opportunity to see Tenet.’

The film, which stars John-David Washington and Robert Pattinson in lead roles, follows an unnamed CIA agent played by Washington who works with Pattinson’s character, a spy-handler known only as Neil, to stop a devastating new World War using time-reversal technology.

The film also stars Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Kenneth Branagh, Himesh Patel and Elizabeth Dibecki, along with long-time Christopher Nolan collaborator Michael Caine.

Christopher Nolan earned international success and critical acclaim with his Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises) which were released in 2005, 2008 and 2012 respectively. Tenet is currently showing in various cinemas throughout Ireland.

Tenet – John-David Washington