Patrick Kielty Makes Hilarious RTÉ Jibes On Late Late Debut

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On his first night as Late Late Show host, Patrick Kielty brought the house down, with some comical jibes at the elephant in the room, that is the RTÉ payment scandal.

Kielty made his debut as host of the iconic Irish television show last night, replacing the much maligned Ryan Tubridy, who stepped down after the last series.

Along with Tubridy, Patrick Kielty follows in the footsteps of the likes of Gay Byrne, and Pat Kenny in hosting the Late Late Show.

“on again after the news”

In June, it emerged that RTÉ had underdeclared payments made to Ryan Turbridy in recent years, with the former presenter subsequently taken off air, amid the controversy over the scandal.

On opening night as host, Kielty was not afraid to address the elephant in the room, in his customary comical manner.

“Good evening and welcome to a brand new season of The Late Late Show. It’s so nice to finally get started because as you all know folks the Late Late Show has been off air now for almost four months…”, the comedian began.

He continued, “Well I say off air but its been on Morning Ireland, Prime Time, Live Line. What a treat it is to have The Late Late Show on again after the news”. 

“We’ve got a new opening, we’ve got a new logo and we’ve got a brand new house band for you folks… give it up for Grant Thornton and the flip flops!”

“And we’re trying out a brand new format tonight on the show where the host gets to ask the questions instead of having to answer them at the Oireachtas”. 

“We wanted to make a special effort for you tonight folks because apparently lots of folks are tuning in this evening which is really very exciting”.

Kielty also joked, “Based on the latest figures for TV license payments we’re expecting an audience of up to 27 people tuning in tonight, and just to put that into perspective that’s almost double the amount of people who saw Toy Show The Musical”.

“This is where the RTE executives in the green room realise they might have booked the wrong pony”. 

“means to me”

Elsewhere, a visibly emotional Patrick Kielty spoke to the audience about how his family have reacted to him becoming host, as he held back tears.

“I just wanted to say how much this means to me tonight. Like so many of you watching this show tonight my journey has had the odd bump in the road but it’s funny how things work out”, the County Down native said.

“There’s no way I ever thought that I’d be standing here this evening but I am so so happy… and it truly is an honour of a lifetime to be able to say welcome to the Late Late Show”. 

Speaking of RTÉ, they also confirmed that Ryan Tubridy would not be returning to the organisation, after talks with Director-General Kevin Bakhurst broke down.