Pelé Releases Song For His 80th Birthday


This Friday, October 23rd, Pelé will celebrate his 80th birthday at home with his family in Sao Paulo.

To celebrate the soccer legend has recorded one of his own songs with Grammy-winning duo Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Acredita No Véio is a little birthday gift to his fans all over the world, and also a little present to himself.

“I’ve written many books, I’ve scored many goals, I’ve fathered children, I’ve planted many trees. The only thing that’s lacking is a musical memento of my life.” said Pelé.

Pelé explains he has always been crazy about music and song-writing but he never really spoke about it, saying: “Because I didn’t want the public to make the comparison between Pelé the composer and Pelé the footballer. That would have been a huge in justice – in football my talent was a gift from God, music was just for fun.”

Rodrigo y Gabriela added: “We are both big soccer fans. Growing up in Mexico City, we heard many stories about Pelé and the legendary Brazilian team that triumphed at the 1970 World Cup in our homeland.”

“Imagine our surprise and delight to find out that not only is Pelé the greatest footballer of all-time, but is also a very talented singer and songwriter? It is a huge honour for us to collaborate with Pelé on the occasion of his 80th Birthday.”