Pennys Launch Menopause Range

Primark - Menopause Range © Primark

Clothing retail giant Primark© and their Irish affiliate Penny’s are launching its first collection of nightwear, underwear and base layers which use the latest product innovations including anti-flush technology, cooling yarn, odour control, and temperature control designed to relieve symptoms such as hot flushes and sweating that are associated with menopause.

This range is aimed at supporting customers who are looking for comfortable, affordable and effective clothing and nightwear that looks stylish and feels cool.

Using a complex mix of yarns, the fabric absorbs heat from the surface of the skin during hot flushes then releases warmth during the chill that follows.

Simultaneously, the innovative material wicks away excess moisture, controls odour and has an anti-bacterial coating, leaving the wearer feeling fresh during the day or helping aid a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Overall, the 14-piece range offers affordable basics that can be layered into an existing wardrobe as the foundation of any outfit. Base layer pieces include shaping leggings and anti-chafe shorts right through to sleek slips, tees and cami tops.

Ann-Marie Cregan, Trading Director at Primark said: “We are aware of the many different challenges the menopause can present to women. As part of our overall ambition to support women through all of their life stages, and tackle everyday taboos, we recognised that specialist products weren’t accessible or affordable to everyone and we wanted to change this. This range has been two years in development and testing to ensure we created innovative and novel products designed specifically to relieve one of the most frequent symptoms associated with menopause, hot flushes. We’re very proud to offer customers a range that really works at prices that as many as possible can afford and we hope it will help women to look good and feel good everyday”.

With prices ranging from €8 – €14 the collection is launching in selected stores globally from 5th September. The new collection will be supported by social media and in-store marketing that will provide more information on the topic of menopause.