Peter Andre Says Liam Gallagher Apologised To Him Over Previous Feud


Peter Andre has revealed that Liam Gallagher has apologised over the pair’s past feud.

This all began back in 2007, when Gallagher branded Andre a “c***”. 

The former Oasis singer had been asked about who he would collaborate with, text or ignore, between Peter Andre, Trevor McDonald and Dolly Parton.

In that same year, Peter Andre responded to Gallagher’s comments, branding Gallagher “all mouth and no trousers”.

“I read somewhere that Liam Gallagher has been calling me all sorts of names”, he told New! in 2007.

“I found this quite surprising because when I last saw Liam he couldn’t have been friendlier to me and [ex-wife] Katie [Price]”, he continued. “I’d go as far as to say that he was totally up our backsides!”.

“We bumped into him at a Radio 1 event and he told us how great he thought we were and how his mother Peggy was a big fan”. 

“It’s such a shame he was too much of a coward to tell us how he really felt to our faces instead of being two-faced”, the Mysterious Girl singer added. “That man is all mouth and no trousers!”. 

“I’d been told its his nature”

In his latest colunm for OK! magazine, Andre reflected on his “negative” experience with Gallagher.

“He once said some harsh things about me in an interview”, Andre wrote. “I took it on the chin, as I’d been told it’s his nature”. 

Andre also added, “A while later, I bumped into him and he not only apologised, but praised me for being a great father and for my relationship with my kids”. 

“I didn’t expect it! I knew about his ‘tough guy’ bravado, but we talked about our families. It was a bizarre encounter, but a good one”.

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