Pope Orders Pay Cuts For Cardinals As Offerings Prove Thin For Cash Strapped Church

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Pope Francis has ordered pay cuts for cardinals, priests and nuns at the Vatican in a bid to save other Holy See employees’ jobs.

Francis said the pandemic emergency “negatively impacted all sources of revenue” for the Holy See and Vatican City State.

Francis announced a 10% pay cut for cardinals as part of cost-cutting measures, 8% cut for other superiors and 3% for clergy & religious.

The Vatican’s top economic official recently revealed €40m of reserves might have to be used for the second straight year as the Catholic Church deals with the impact of coronavirus.

Last year, administrators ordered a freeze on promotions and hirings as well as a ban on overtime and travel to try to control costs.

A statement saud measures are a response to “the deficit that has characterized the economic management of the Holy See for several years” and the economic consequences of the pandemic, “which negatively impacted all sources of revenue in the Holy See and Vatican City State”.