Priest Blesses With Holy Water Gun

St. Ambrose Parish / Facebook Photos by Larry Peplin

A priest’s unorthodox way of administering holy water to his parishioners who are social distancing has become a sensation online.

Photos showing Father Timothy R. Pelc of the St. Ambrose Parish in Detroit spraying holy water with a squirt gun at Easter have recently gone viral.

“You can’t double-dip into the holy water container,” he told Today. “I thought, what could I do that would keep the quarantine restrictions going and give kids the experience of Easter?”

After a doctor friend gave him the go-ahead that his method was safe, Pelc donned a face mask and gloves and, wielding a lime-green squirt gun, took his place in the parish’s parking lot.

“We didn’t have a lot of notice on it,” he continued. “At noon, the Saturday before Easter, I went out there, and there was a line of cars waiting.”

“People wanted to have a bright side to the things that are happening in the world right now,” said Christine Busque, the church’s Facebook page manager. “They saw that, and I think they saw that he cared about his parishioners enough to want to keep his traditions alive but work (within) the CDC guidelines of being safe.”