Reports Say Deal Struck To Release Hostages In Gaza

Israel - Gaza - Hostages

It’s reported a framework for the release of American and Israeli hostages in Gaza has been agreed by negotiators.

Representatives from Israel, the US, Egypt and Qatar agreed to the deal in Paris.

NBC News is reporting a draft is being presented to Hamas today. It would see hostages released in phases, with a pause in fighting. Aid deliveries to the territory would also form part the agreement.

Israel’s negotiating team in Paris has agreed the framework of a new hostage deal with mediators from the US, Egypt and Qatar, NBC reports according to a source familiar with the talks.

The deal would see the release of the remaining Israeli hostages in phases starting with the women and children, followed by phased pauses in the fighting and aid deliveries to Gaza, along with the exchange of Palestinian prisoners, the source told NBC.

A draft of the agreement is being presented to Hamas today, the source added. Hamas had been insisting on an immediate permanent ceasefire first, but this was a deal-breaker for Israel.

The negotiators in France are the Qatar prime minister and the leaders of the US, Egypt and Israel’s intelligence agencies.