See Liam Gallagher In Thomond Park In July


Liam Gallagher will be bringing his bumper 30th anniversary ‘Definitely Maybe’ Tour to Limerick’s Thomond Park next month.

The former Oasis singer will be performing a string of shows to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this seminal album, which arrived in 1994, an album which includes classic Oasis tracks such as ‘Live Forever’, ‘Supersonic’, and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ to name a few.

Tickets for Gallagher’s show at Thomond Park are also priced at €69.90 and are on sale now.

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Last Saturday, Liam Gallagher took this tour to Sheffield, UK, where he also performed ‘Half The World Away’ live for the first time. Check that out here.

Sheffield Set List 

Check out the setlist from that show performed by Liam Gallagher below.

  • ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’
  • ‘Columbia’
  • ‘Shakermaker’
  • ‘Up in the Sky’
  • ‘Digsy’s Dinner’
  • ‘Bring It On Down’
  • ‘Cloudburst’
  • ‘I Will Believe’
  • ‘Half the World Away’
  • ‘D’Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman’
  • ‘Fade Away’
  • ‘Lock All the Doors’
  • ‘(It’s Good) To Be Free’
  • ‘Whatever’
  • ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’
  • ‘Married With Children’
  • ‘Supersonic’
  • ‘Slide Away’
  • ‘Live Forever’
  • “I Am the Walrus’

Last Sunday, Liam Gallagher took his ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour to Cardiff, where he dedicated another live rendition of ‘Half The World Away’ to his estranged brother and former bandmate Noel Galllagher.

Speaking to the audience, Liam Gallagher claimed that Noel was “still playing hard to get” regarding an Oasis reunion.

“So I’m gonna dedicate this next tune to my little brother, who’s still playing hard to get”, Gallagher told the audience.

“But that’s alright. Word on the street is he was spotted in a really posh chocolate shop – one of them Thorntons – buying some chocolates. So you never know! D’you know what I mean?”. 

This tour sees Gallagher perform the seminal Oasis record in full, as well as other tracks from that era in honour of the album.

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