So, It Seems Conor McGregor Took The Bait

Conor McGregor's Clothing Line Threatened With €250,000 Fine Over Trademark

Fellow UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov has called out Conor McGregor and well, in typical Conor fashion he has bitten back.

Lightweight champion McGregor took to Twitter to respond to Khabib who said he’d ‘happily’ take on McGregor following his recent win over Edson Barboza.

And Conor wasted no time in giving his thoughts on the matter; firstly he took the opportunity to remind people that Khabib’s recent fight was ‘dog shit’ before stating he would have no problem with taking part just as long as he is reimbursed – ‘pay me my worth and king’s back’.

In the series of tweets, he also reminded fellow tweeters that his whiskey brand was due to hit shelves soon, which would make for more easy money!

Khabib’s team made a meme of the Dubliner in response but not before Conor had the last word, tweeting the picture with the slogan: “I slaughter your pets and wear them as coats. And I only wear them once.”

Looks like the wheels are set in motion…

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Feature Image: Twitter