Springsteen On Life In Lockdown

Bruce Springsteen manager finally settles 'Thunder Road' lyric debate

When Tom Hanks revealed he had coronavirus back in March, we realised that celebrities really are just like the rest of us normal human beings.

Bruce Springsteen reinforced that belief last night while speaking on his satellite radio channel as part of his Bruce Springsteen – From His Home to Yours Series lamenting about life in lockdown.

“The toughest thing about the lockdown is not knowing what the future holds,” he said.

“Empty and unused time, I don’t care for…especially at 70. I’m counting my days and, my friend, I’ve got things to do that involve me and you.”

The Boss went on to explain how he felt like Muhammad Ali when he was banned from boxing for refusing to serve in the military during the Vietnam war:

“He was at his prime”. “Now, I’m in my late prime, but he was at his prime, and the years he could have spent boxing were taken away from him.”

Springsteen had planned on releasing a new E Street Band album this year and supporting it with a tour, which would have been his first since 2016.