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Driver Found Driving 181 In A 120 Zone In Dublin

A driver has been found travelling at 181 kilometres in a 120 kilometre per hour zone, on the M1 at Lusk...

Motorcyclists Caught Speeding In Dublin And Wicklow

In Co Wicklow, a motorcyclist has been charged after he was caught travelling at 161km/h in an 80km/h zone. The biker was...

Driver Blames Speeding On Mötley Crüe’s ‘Kickstart My Heart’

In Canada, police from the city of Manitoba were told by a driver who was caught speeding that he was listening...

Kevin Spacey Pulled Over For Speeding

Kevin Spacey was pulled over for speeding yesterday, hours after he pleaded not guilty to sexual assault. The House of Cards star...

Over 400 Drivers Caught Speeding On The Roads Yesterday

Gardaí caught more than 400 drivers speeding on the roads yesterday. They are asking motorists to slow down this festive season. As...

A New Graded System For Speeding Fines

A new system for fining motorists caught speeding will be presented to Cabinet today. It would see people charged a higher amount...

Gardaí Weary Of M7 Recklessness To Roll Out GoSafe Vans

No fewer than 500 fixed penalty notices have been issued to motorists for exceeding the speed limit since extensive roadworks began...

Conor McGregor Court Order For Multiple Speeding Fines

MMA fighter Conor McGregor failed to turn up in court in over the issue of multiple speeding fines. McGregor didn’t show...

Ireland Behind The Curve In Introducing Urban Speed Restrictions

Local Authorities are being urged to reduce the speed limit to 30 kilometres an hour to save lives. Ireland is falling behind...