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ASTI Warns Of Teacher Shortages In Certain Subjects In Dublin

It comes as many young educators have emigrated or moved outside of the city due to high prices. A school in South...

Taoiseach Micheál Martin And Labour Leader Alan Kelly In Bust...

Taoiseach Micheál Martin became involved in a bust up with Labour leader Alan Kelly in the Dáil yesterday. The pair became embroiled...

Three Teacher Unions Back Motion On Restoration Of Pay

All three teachers’ unions have unanimously passed an emergency motion on pay inequality paving the way for joint strikes by 70,000...

Threat Of Strike Action As Teachers Call For Equal Pay

All three teachers unions are expected to join forces for the restoration of pay and are threatening strike action if it’s...

90 Per Cent Of Trainee Primary Teachers Are Catholic

Around 90% of trainee primary teachers say they're Roman Catholics, compared to just 78% of the general population. The study by NUI...

Update: First Hearing Into Teacher’s ‘Fitness-To-Practice’ Today

Updated: 13.00, Wednesday, November 8th A primary school teacher has been accused of putting sellotape on the mouths of five girls during...