Tánaiste Reassures Fretful TD That Santa Has No Fears Over Restrictions

Fianna Fáil - Christopher O'Sullivan - Oireachtas tv

The Tánaiste has told the Dáil that Santa will be exempt from any new travel restrictions.

Fianna Fáil TD Christopher O’Sullivan said while Santa was ‘flat out‘ making toys he had concerns about the supply chains into Ireland because of Brexit.

Regulations introduced this week mean that anyone who wants to come into Ireland will need to produce either a negative PCR or a negative antigen test 72 hours before arrival.

However some kids including the Dáil deputies engaged in the matter, will have been left wondering whether jolly old St. Nick would be included in that.

But Leo Varadkar says they’re working closely with the North Pole to ensure everything arrives on time: “Santa, his wife, his staff are fully vaccinated. Will be exempt from any travel restrictions that will be imposed between now and then.”

Mr Varadkar also promised that Santa will be well-stocked when he sets off on his journey in three weeks.

My Department, the Department of Trade will leave no stone unturned and do absolutely everything we can to make sure there’s no disruption to supply chains or issues that could disrupt the delivery of presents.”