Taoiseach Says Plan Is To Open Schools For Start of New Academic Year

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has confirmed it is the intention of the Government to reopen primary and secondary schools at the end of August.

He said they are particularly paying attention to new and emerging research about the potential risk of schools being open.

He said he believes they will achieve the target of opening schools at the end of august, although all students might not be able to return every day for a full day.

Mr Varadkar said Ireland on track to move to Phase Two as intended.

He said it is reassuring to see that the numbers continue to go in the right direction and we will look at the data again next week.

“We know that it’s not a no-risk scenario but it is a low-risk scenario,” Mr Varadkar said in a post-cabinet government briefings outdoors at government buildings.

“We are learning from the experience of countries that have at least partially reopened schools already, and from the experience of countries that have had to reimpose restrictions.”

“It takes at least two weeks to know if the actions to ease restrictions are having an effect, it will be next week before we can determine whether we can move to Phase Two.”