Today In Music History – November 28th


Every day on Radio Nova, just before 11am, we play a couple of songs key to “today in music history” Have a listen! But for now – here’s some light reading and watching.  November 28th in Music History looks like this.

1967, The Beatles recorded their last fan club record as a group; ‘Christmas Time Is Here Again!’ The Beatles’ Christmas records were spoken and musical messages from the group that were posted out on flexi disc at Christmas time to members of their official fan-clubs. (Sidenote..They were MAD!!)

1974, John Lennon made his last ever concert appearance when he joined Elton John on stage at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. Lennon performed three songs; ‘Whatever Gets You Thru The Night’, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.’ This was payback for Elton playing on his “Whatever Gets You thru the night”

1987, REM arrived on the charts with ‘The One I Love.’

1991, Nirvana recorded a performance for BBC ‘s  Top Of The Pops in London. When asked to lip-sync ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ to a backing track Kurt Cobain protested by singing an octave lower (he later confirmed he was imitating Morrissey from The Smiths), Kurt attempted to eat his microphone at one point.

2000, David Bowie was crowned the musician’s musician. Bowie beat The Beatles and alternative rockers Radiohead in a survey by the NME that asked hundreds of top rock and pop stars to name their biggest musical influence.

2002, Tony McCarroll the original drummer with Oasis failed in a bid to sue the group’s lawyers after he was sacked because he took too long to file his claim. His case could not proceed because he had brought his claim outside of the six-year time limit.

Finally today, happy birthday to Soundgarden drummer, Matt Cameron.

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