Charlie’s Angels – One Pub’s Massive Heart Shines Through In Now Viral Festive Video

Charlie's Bar - Christmas Ad - Instagram

John Lewis eat your heart out!

A new Christmas advert has been watched millions of times on social media and it comes from a most unlikely source.

It’s been created by the family-run Charlie’s Bar in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh highlighting the perils and pitfalls often associated with isolation and loneliness over the festive period.

In the clip, an elderly man is seen being routinely ignored by members of the public before he decides to enter the pub.

He then goes on to make newly acquainted friends with some refreshment, but more importantly good company.

The popular public house have confirmed their intention to open on Christmas Day to help anyone suffering in a similar scenario.

Christmas can be such a joyful time for some and painfully hard for others. One things for sure – you’ll always receive a warm welcome when you walk through our doors.

We will be open on Christmas Day, so if you are alone this festive season, drop in for a chat.”

They have invoked the spirit of (W. B. Yeats) ‘There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met’.

Here’s the video grabbing the attention of millions! …..


Via ‘charliesbarenniskillen’ on Instagram – Filming & Editing – @aoifeteague