Victims Of Domestic Abuse Are Exempt From 2KM Travel Restriction

Domestic Abuse - Melanie Wasser - via Unsplash

People affected by domestic violence will be exempt from the two kilometre-from-home travel restriction that is in place during the Covid-19 crisis.

At the daily Government pandemic response briefing today, it was disclosed that an exemption would be made for people affected by violence.

It will be added to the small list of exempted activities relating to the two kilometres rule. People are required to stay within a two kilometre limit of their homes unless they are shopping for essential groceries or medicines, of if they are workers who are involved in providing essential services.

The briefing, delivered by senior civil servant Liz Canavan, heard the Garda Síochána has prioritised reports of domestic abuse at a time when families are confined to their homes and there is evidence that domestic violence incidents have increased.

New TV and Radio ads which reflect the particular issues raised for some, by the need to stay at home, will be aired from next week.  They will carry the message to victims that services are still available despite the COVID-19 emergency.