Video: This Baby’s First Words Made Google Very Happy!


Goo goo are words often associated with the early babble that comes out of our much-loved little one’s mouths.

Then when the magical moment happens and the words finally start to make sense parents are filled with joy.

However, this one baby took things to the next level when they said the name of one of the biggest tech giants on Earth.

BGG, reports that Canadian Father, Joe Pitt was speaking to his Google Home speaker and the special occasion was captured on a baby monitor.

He said to the smart speaker, “Hey Google, play ‘Baddy Song'” and before the device whirred into life, his baby repeats the words “Hey Google.” A shocked dad is visibly surprised, and we can hear him tell his partner about what just happened.

Despite being a mildly terrifying moment as we witness the human species’ inevitable march towards the singularity it is nonetheless pretty heartwarming!

It goes without saying Google was delighted with this golden marketing moment.  Marvin Chow, Google’s VP of product marketing reached out to the family. Tweeting:   “Love this story. Would love to send you over a little something.”

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