Voters Take To The Polls In Four Byelections


Voters will take to the polls in four byelections across the country today.

Voting centres opened at 7am and will stay open until 10pm this evening.

Voters in Dublin Midwest, Dublin Fingal, Cork North Central and Wexford will have the chance to elect a TD today.

The elections are to replace the four TDs who were elected to the European Parliament in May.

The last byelection was in 2015 and these are the first in the lifetime of this Dáil.

The usual election rules apply with voters asked to bring ID and their voting cards.Selfies and other photos in the polling centres are not allowed.

It is anticipated we will learn the results of the by-elections tomorrow evening.

Many candidates are expecting the turnout in these elections to be low, with some saying they would be surprised if it topped 35%.

The new TDs will take their seats in the Dáil for the first time next Tuesday.