WATCH: Alice Cooper Sing “Don’t Give Up!”


Alice Cooper has released a new single with a message of hope and encouragement. Alice says the new single, Don’t Give Up, is a response to the scary world we’re living in right now and addresses the global health crisis head-on.


Don’t Give Up was posted to Youtube saying it is a song about what we’ve all been going through right now and about keeping our heads up and fighting back together. 

“We wanted to make sure that Alice for once is not trying to scare you,” Cooper told AZ Central. “Alice is trying to encourage you.”

In the opening monologue, he says, “It’s like a new world that we don’t even know / It’s hard to sleep … even harder to dream / But look, you’ve got 7 billion brothers and sisters all in the same boat / So don’t panic.”

For the video, Cooper invited fans to send in photos of themselves holding signs with one word from the lyrics.

“We did not expect 20,000 people to send something in,” Cooper says. “I expected maybe a couple thousand. We got so many it was ridiculous.”

“This video wouldn’t have been possible without you – and who knows, you might be in it! And whatever you do – Don’t Give Up!”

Cooper recorded his lead vocals and video performance in Paradise Valley at the home he likes to call Camp Cooper these days.

His daughters Sonora and Calico have moved in with their respective husbands Diego and Jed. Cooper’s son Dash lives 10 minutes away with his wife Morgan and three children.

There are a also total of three studios in Cooper’s home now, including one for his radio show, the internationally syndicated “Nights with Alice Cooper”.