Yob Culture’s Free Reign As Scum Steal From Crypt

St Michan Church - courtesy - dublin.anglican.org

The head of an 800-year-old mummy has been stolen from a crypt in Dublin. The sad discovery was made at its resting place in St. Michan’s Church on Church Street.

Gardaí believe the crypt was vandalised on Saturday night. Thieves took the head of the mummified remains known as ‘The Crusader’ after their act of vandalism.

The desecration was made known after a tour guide opened the church for visitors. The Church of Ireland has said that the crypt has been “badly damaged”.

It added that several of the mummies inside the crypt has been damaged through vandalism.

Archdeacon David Pierpoint says what they walked into today was gruesome: ”Our tour guide went to open the church and vaults at around 1 o’clock. He discovered that the door to the vaults had been forced open. The mummified bodies had been pretty much thrashed.

”The Crusader who’s been lying for 800 years, his head has disapeared. It seems to have been taken away by the pepretrator’s of this horrible act.”

Deirdre Duffy, Fine Gael candidate for Dublin Central in the next General Election is horrified at the attack on St Michans Church

“I am horrified at the news of the wanton destruction at St Michans over the weekend, the vandals attack on the mummies is appalling; this is one of the most unique historical sites in Dublin. I hope that the mummified crusader’s remains will be recovered as soon as is possible; time is of the essence obviously as the remains will disintegrate. I extend our sympathies to Archdeacon David Pierpoint and his parishioners and hope that the damage will be rectified soon.”