10 Pregnant Women at Rotunda Have Coronavirus


Ten pregnant women at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin have tested positive for the Coronavirus, the master of the hospital has said.

Professor Fergal Malone told Ireland AM on Virgin Media One, “It’s not surprising that already we’ve had up to approximately 10 patients Covid-19 positive here for pregnancy care and delivery. To date there have been no proven cases of transmission of Covid-19 directly from mother to baby during the pregnancy or during the delivery. The cases we are aware of young babies, newborns, having Covid-19 likely were subsequently spread after the birth. To the best of our knowledge, there is no transmission across the placenta to the baby. Patients can and should be assured about that”.

Chatting to reporter Brianna Parkins outside the hospital, while maintaining the required 2 metre social distance, Professor Malone was keen to reassure people that there is a system in place and that so far, all mothers and babies affected by Coronavirus are recovering well.

He also says fewer than 20 out of 1,000 staff at the hospital have tested positive for the virus and staff had gotten the virus from community transfer (not contracted within the hospital).

The Rotunda Hospital, formerly known as the Dublin Lying-In Hospital, is located on the north west side of Parnell Street close to the Parnell Monument in Dublin. Founded in 1745 it is the oldest continuously operating maternity hospital.