Legal Concerns Raised Over Pedophile Vigilantes


Labour Senator Ivana Bacik has expressed concerns over vigilante groups approaching potential child sex offenders.

Ms Bacik who is also a professor of criminal law at Trinity College Dublin says any evidence gathered may not hold up in court.

It follows a number of sting operations over the weekend where individuals were confronted by members of the public.

Ms Bacik said there is very real concern about children being groomed online, vigilantism might not be the answer.

“Gardaí, of course, are very experienced in preparing this sort of case and preparing a chain of evidence, but certainly there are concerns about the way in which a chain of evidence may be presented to court where vigilante groups are involved,” she said.

“And indeed, there may also be defences possible then for people where they feel they have been entrapped into carrying out an offence they mightn’t otherwise have done.”