AC/DC Album Rumours Grow As Band Members Spotted In Canada

Exclusive: Photo Reveals Further Proof Of A New AC/DC Album!

AC/DC Album Rumours Grow As Band Members Spotted In Canada

It’s been reported that in Vancouver an AC/DC fan spotted and spoke with both drummer Phil Rudd and guitarist Stevie Young from the band. The meeting happened in the Canadian city over last week as speculation is ongoing over the status of the Australian band. Steve Newton, a journalist at The Georgia Straight was told by a fan about his supposed interactions with the two rockers on August 1st. Although there is no audio or photos of the meeting, the journo is standing by the tipster.

Writing on his Ear of Newt blog, Newton writes, “There’s been a lot of rumour and speculation flying around the music world since I posted on the Georgia Straight website. The assumption was that, since AC/DC had recorded its last three albums here at Warehouse Studio, it might be in the midst of making – or at least planning – another one, this time with Rudd back in the lineup on drums.” Newton added, “I have complete faith in my source, who says he saw – and actually chatted with – the two Aussie rockers. Why the hell would he contact me out of the blue and lie about it?”

Stevie Young was drafted in to handle rhythm guitar for the completion of 2014’s “Rock Or Bust” after his uncle, Malcolm Young, was forced to retire from the group due to dementia. Although Rudd featured on the album a series of legal disputes in New Zealand sidelined the rocker from the record’s world tour, which saw the return of drummer Chris Slade to the lineup.

When the tour was put on hold in early 2016 after lead singer Brian Johnson was warned by doctors to cease from performing in arenas and stadium venues with immediate effect or run the risk of total hearing loss. Axl Rose stepped in to assist the band finish the final dates of the stint that ended with the retirement of bassist Cliff Williams after the final show in Philadelphia, PA in September of that year.

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