Activists Storm The Gaff To Force Minister Into Talks

Image - Jack Power @jackpowerIT

A group occupying the Custom House in Dublin say they are willing to stay there until Eoghan Murphy agrees to meet them.

Summerhill activists stormed Custom House this evening demanding a meeting with Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy.

A Facebook Live video posted at around 4pm showed a large group of people demanding that they will not leave the building until a time and date is confirmed.

The activists, who have been holding a sit-in at a vacant house in Summerhill, stormed the offices of the Department of Housing and took the action to discuss their ideas to fix the housing crisis.

Tomás Lynch from Dublin Central Housing Action says a number of groups involved want to be heard.

“They have agreed to meet us, we are just negotiating over the number of representatives, We want each of the seven groups involved in the initial demonstration to be involved in that meeting”.