Ana Kriégel Accused Tells Court She ‘Asked Him Out’ Before Disappearance


A jury has heard a boy accused of murdering Ana Kriegel told Gardaí investigating her disappearance he had “no clue” what happened to her.

He is one of two teenage boys on trial for the murder of the 14-year-old schoolgirl whose body was found in a derelict farmhouse.

Both boys told Gardaí they last saw Ana at a park near her home in Leixlip on the evening of May 14th last – the day she went missing.

Gardaí brought them there to retrace their steps the following day. Her body wouldn’t be found for another two days.

Sergeant Aengus Hussey told the jury it was decided to take statements from them because he was unhappy with the accounts they gave him during the walkthrough.

He said BOY B told him he called for Ana because his friend wanted to meet her to sort some “relationship issues”.

He said his friend wanted to make it clear to her that he wasn’t interested.

He said he walked behind them so they could talk. He said the last time he saw Ana was in the park at about 5.30/5.40pm. He said she looked upset.

BOY A, who’s facing an additional charge of aggravated sexual assault, told Gardaí he wanted to be considerate to Ana because he claimed she had asked him out before and stormed off when he said no.

The trial will resume tomorrow morning.