Angus Young Allegedly ‘Unhappy’ With AC/DC Album Sessions

Exclusive: Photo Reveals Further Proof Of A New AC/DC Album!

Speculation has been growing that Angus Young is not happy with the new AC/DC album that is rumoured to be in the pipeline.

Members of, believe the Vancouver 2018 sessions with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams are not up to scratch and the axeman keeps going back to the studio to ‘chip away’ on the material.

Former AC/DC frontman, Dave Evans had revealed a while back to Nacion Rock Mexico that the rockers were working on a new record from Malcolm Young demos.

According to Alternative Nation, Kmcdonald606 posted, “I said that I wasn’t gonna come on the forum again….. but got a bit of news, so I’d figure I’d share it…”

The poster goes on, “Supposedly Angus (sometimes one other person) has been going back into the Warehouse periodically, since the photos of the band were released. What was said is that he goes in and chips away at ‘stuff.’

The poster speculated, “that the recordings aren’t where they need to be/Angus isn’t happy with it. And everyone is a little puzzled as to the delay. Take it for what it is. Happy new year.”


Iron Patriot questioned, “Where is this information from? Why wouldn’t he just go in and finish it up in one go? Just seems like a strange thing to do (and quite impractical).”

Kmcdonald606 replied, “Not allowed to say. But let’s say it’s on the inside….. but the person is slightly removed. They all seem to think it’s a little odd….. and now it’s silent.”

Kmcdonald606 continued, “But he / the two of them have gone in several times since the photos. I’ll try to get more info. But like I said, take it for what it is. It’s just given me a little bit of hope. :)”

AcesHigh10 added, “Overdubs … but that could be done at other locations, rather than pay studio fees… who the heck knows.”