Attention Seeking ‘Landlord’ Deliberately Winds People Up

Joe Doyle - Entrepreneur via Facebook

A Dublin ‘landlord’ (ahem!) has been criticised for sharing a social media video where he brags about packing tenants tight into a cramped home to make more money.

Joe Doyle’s Tik Tok video has been watched close to 10,000 times since being uploaded yesterday.

In the clip he brags about how he earns €5,000 a month from two families who are sharing an ex-council house in Clondalkin.

Joe explains how he has altered the house to squeeze eight people in:

”Some bunkbeds, two sets, two sets of bunkbeds in each bedroom. People will pay anything just to get into a house. So ch-ching!! Getting an extra hundred euro off a month one family ‘cos dey have a dog. Two families have to share one bathroom. They also have to share one kitchen. Only eight people living in the house in total!”

”There is no sitting room, so they have to take their meals back and heat dem in der bedroom.

”It’s a little bit cramped but hey lookit that’s not my problem, business is business. I wouldn’t live in the estate meself. It is a birra of a doive but do you know wha? Throw the tenants in, pack dem toight and collect der munney.”