August Weddings To Be For 50 Guests Not 100 – Leo Varadkar


Leo Varadkar has said couples that are getting married next month should plan for smaller wedding ceremonies.

As it stands, 50 guests can attend wedding ceremonies with the number expected to increase to 100 next month.

While the case numbers continue to rise with the Delta variant, the Tánaiste emphasised that couples should “operate on the basis” that 50 people will be allowed at wedding receptions next month.

“As has always been the case, we’ll often set an indicative date or a target date for the further easing of restrictions”, Varadkar said at Dublin Castle.

He continued, “But we always say to people to operate on the basis that they won’t change”. 

“Don’t assume that they will change. So, I’d say to anyone who’s planning a wedding in August, operate on the basis that it will be 50”. 

A photographer is allowed, while the reception must be a sit down meal only. Live music, dancing and novelty acts or supplies are all prohibited. Face coverings or masks must also be worn by staff and customer-facing roles where no protective measures are in place.

Varadkar warns of 4,000 daily cases

Leo Varadkar also recently said that Ireland is “well into” the fourth wave of Covid-19. He warned that the country could report up to 4,000 cases a day in the coming weeks.

“We are now well into a fourth wave – a Delta wave of infections. Nobody knows for sure how that’s going to turn out, how long the wave will last, or where it will peak”, he said.

He also added, “I’m taking the optimistic view that we’ll follow a similar course to Scotland – maybe peak around 3,000-4,000 cases in the next few weeks, then fall back, and not see hospitalisations rise much above 500 and ICU not much above 50″.

But we can’t know for sure, and that’s why we need to be quite cautious in the next couple of weeks”. 

More on this here. 

The Fine Gael leader also said that it will be “quite some time” before nightclubs will reopen. See Nova’s report on that here. 

On a more positive note, Varadkar did retweet a postive message from Dr Brian Mac Craith of the vaccine taskforce.