Auschwitz Museum Rebuke Mattie McGrath Who Contrasts Covid Certs With Nazi Germany

Independent TD For Tipperary Mattie McGrath

The Auschwitz Museum has blasted Independent TD Mattie McGrath for comparing Covid certificates to Nazi Germany, amid plans to introduce domestic Covid-19 certificates to reopen indoor dining.

The ebullient Tipperary Deputy was unabashed in his indiscreet reference “Is that where we’ve come to now, back to 1933 in Germany, we’ll be all tagged in yellow with the mark of the beast on us, is that where we’re going?

Questioned as to the sheer inappropriatness of the remarks, he stood firm and doubled down on his belief “If you study history and I’m not a historian, you can see what happened in Germany.

There is huge correlations, it’s exactly the same if you want to study it, exactly the same, restriction of movements, couldn’t go where they wanted to go, treated like.

I’m comparing what went on in early Germany and the people had such fear and that’s what happened, so I am comparing, yeah, that’s for me to compare and for anyone else who wants to read history, make their own decisions on it.”

Mr McGrath has previously compared taxi men not being able to protest during the pandemic to “Nazi Hitler times,” while speaking in the Dáil.

The official Auschwitz Museum took to social media to criticise Mr McGrath’s comments…