Backlash As Henry Street Retailer Urged Boycott Of Israel

Lush - Boycott Israel - Courtesy @benonwine on 'X'
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A Dublin branch of the British retailer Lush came under fire this week after a “boycott Israel” sign was displayed in its shop window in Henry Street amid the escalating war between Israel and Hamas.

Pictures were posted to X, (formerly Twitter) with calls for a boycott against the backdrop of a hugely divisive week in Israel.

A Lush spokesperson told the Independent that they “deplore all acts of violence and our wish is for peace and safety for all Israeli and Palestinian people”.

The sign was quickly changed to read “come check out our exclusive knotwraps”, but some online said that the “damage has been done”.

The controversy comes as Israel has turned the full might of its army onto pounding the 42-km long territory in retaliation for a surprise attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas at the weekend which Israel authorities say killed 1,300 people.

As part of the surprise attacks, Hamas militants blew open border fences, infiltrated towns, killed civilians and soldiers and took over 100 hostages on Saturday morning.

In Gaza, more than 1,500 people — including 500 children and 267 women — have been killed since Israel started strikes on Gaza following the deadly Hamas attack on Saturday, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

A Lush spokesperson said “We are a diverse company with staff of all ethnicities and religions.”

They added their calls for peace in the region “Lush deplores all violence and all injustice. Our wish is for peace and safety for all Israeli and Palestinian people. We support the upholding of international law and the human rights of all peoples.”