BBC & Sky News Toddler Gate Crashes


Sky and BBC News viewers had the laughs yesterday when interviews on serious news stories were gatecrashed by toddlers.

Dr Clare Wenham, from South London, was on BBC News to discuss the ongoing Covid-19 crisis when her little daughter Scarlett appeared and began rearranging a unicorn picture behind her — and even struck up a conversation with the newsreader Christian Fraser.

Speaking to the BBC afterwards, Dr Wenham said it was ironic that this had happened given she recently wrote a piece for the British Medical Journal on the subject. In it she argues that the collision between our personal and professional lives that has been brought about by the Covid-19 crisis may actually help further gender equality.

But she added that she never thought it would actually happen to her.

Later on the same day, Sky News Foreign Editor Deborah Haynes was reporting to Mark Austin about the latest developments in China, but was interrupted by her young son in their home in Kent.

Although Ms Haynes tried her best to play off the blunder, Twitter users were delighted, comparing it to the infamous ‘#BBCDad’ family invasion video call, when the North Korea expert Prof Robert E Kelly’s BBC interview in March 2017 was invaded by both his young children, becoming a viral sensation.