Be More Chris Martin: Coldplay Singer Praised For Giving Disabled Fan Lift To Gig


A disabled fan has praised Coldplay’s Chris Martin after the singer gave her a lift to a recent gig.

Martin and Coldplay were playing at the BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend at Luton last weekend.

Speaking to the PA news agency, Saundra Glenn the fan in question, who has osteoarthritis and problems in her hip, knee and ankle, revealed she was struggling to walk to the accessibility box office at the festival’s entrance over the weekend.

Then suddenly, a black Mercedes people carrier pulled up next to her, with a woman in the front seat telling her to get in.

“I can’t get in, I’m Chris Martin”

To her amazement, Saundra Glenn who is a local community advocate, noticed Chris Martin in the car.

“The back door glided back and Chris Martin was in the backseat”, she said.

Glenn continued, “I looked at him and said (to the woman in the passenger seat) ‘I can’t get in, that’s Chris Martin’”. 

“He goes: ‘Yes you can, just come on in’”. 

“all kinds of things”

Ms Glenn also revealed that herself and her new best friend spoke about “all kinds of things”, with Martin particularly interested in her work in the local community of Luton.

“He said ‘It’s lovely to hear about what you do’,” Ms Glenn said. “I said I’m 65 this summer, he said ‘You don’t look it’ and not to worry about age and just to keep doing what I’m doing”.

“He seems like a totally decent human being and I told him that… I said ‘You’re just a very nice person”. 

Saundra Glenn and Chris Martin took selfies together, while the singer even let her in on a little secret he had planned for his set ahead of the show.

The show saw Coldplay perform a song called Orange in tribute to Luton Town FC, after fans launched a public campaign. The song celebrates the football club.

She revealed: “He told me he’s going to do something special at the end – I said ‘Go on are you changing yellow to orange?'”. 

“He said, I can’t tell you that, but I can say, wait ’til the end – I’m doing something special, and that was special”. 


When they arrived at the venue, Chris Martin also ensured that Ms Glenn was safely escorted to the accessible area, after he told staff to get into a buggy with her.

“They didn’t leave me until I had my wristband on – that’s how dedicated they were”, Ms Glenn revealed.

“I got onto the stage area where you can sit and I saw Chris’s set – it was a fantastic experience last night, it’s the best thing I’ve done in a long, long time.”

“He’s shown that kindness rules the world”, she stated.

Ms Glenn also had this final message: “Be more Chris Martin – be more that humble guy that doesn’t mind picking up an OAP – albeit a good-looking, young-looking OAP – and giving her a ride to help her out”. 

Earlier this month, Chris Martin was also recruited by Scottish band Travis for their new single, ‘Raze The Bar’, featuring The Killer’s Brandon Flowers. More on that here.