Listen: Billie Joe Armstrong Has Launched His New Band The Longshot!


Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has launched his debut EP for his punk side project the Longshot. There’s three songs available to listen below and they are ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Chasing a Ghost’ and ‘Love Is for Losers’.

It isn’t a million miles away from his main band Green Day. ‘Taxi Driver’ is a no holes barred punk number where the front man seeks to get away from the city in a Taxi ride. It’s a catchy track and short and sweet coming in at 2 mins 30 secs. Armstrong sings, ‘ Taxi driver, I’m rolling/ Taxi driver, I’m rolling like a stone.’

‘Love is for Losers’, sees Armstrong offer advice on matters of the heart, he also throws in some pretty awesome guitar solos for good measure. It’s a mid tempo rock stomp.

‘Chasing a Ghost’ is an anti hero’s anthem, Billie sings a disheartened punk pop lament about partying, it seems like chasing any thrills is a pointless endeavor!

Armstrong hasn’t said much about the Longshot. In February, an Instagram account popped up, and in a post, the group said their first album would be called, Love Is for Losers but still release date as of yet.

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