Blur’s New Album Outselling the Rest of Top Five Combined


The Magic Whip, the new album from Britpop icons Blur is set to be Number One in the Official UK Chart this week.

April 27th marked the day when Blur released their sixth album The Magic Whip and the record is flying off the shelves. It is currently outselling the rest of the five albums combined. If The Magic Whip continues on the streak of success it will be Blur’s sixth number one album following Parklife, The Great Escape, Blur, 13 and Think Tank.

Blur initially parted ways in 2003 after the release of their seventh studio album Think Tank with bassist Alex James admitting; “There came a point around 2003 where we all needed to go off and do our own things and be other people, rather than being this four headed monster. I wouldn’t call it animosity, but there was a little bit of ill feeling. We needed time out and to reconcile.”

James added that Blur is now like a release for band members saying; “It is very much like a sibling relationship, or marriage. This is a really lovely thing to dip into, because it takes us out of our lives, even though we needed to have lives outside Blur for a while. Now it is the exact opposite. Blur is like a complete release. At this point, which you could probably call our rock gentlemen phase, everything has become very fulfilling and satisfying.”

To reminisce about the newly reformed band, join Radio Nova this bank holiday weekend for The Essential Blur.

Photo Cred: Marcus Hansson