Call For End To Feud During Teenager’s Funeral in Drogheda

The late Keane Mulready-Woods

There’s been a call for teenagers not to be groomed by “ruthless criminals” at today’s funeral mass for the late Keane Mulready Woods in his native Drogheda.

He was last seen in Drogheda on January 12th. The 17-year-old’s bodily parts were found separately in Coolock and Drumcondra last month, amid much public shock and revulsion.

More body parts were later discovered in a burnt-out car in a laneway near Croke Park.

The youngster had become involved with the Co. Louth town’s drugs gangs who are part of an ongoing feud at the moment.

Father Phil Gaffney told the congrgation that Keane’s murder would be a “wake up call” and that those tempted by crime and casual drug use that “actions have consequences”.

He added “Those who take drugs on a social basis have to realise they are fuelling this situation”.

Father Gaffney told those gathered that “doing a line of coke is as normal as having a drink nowadays”.

The 17 year old’s funeral mass took place in the Holy Family Church in Ballsgrove. Burial took place afterwards in Calvary Cemetery.