Check Out Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie Refusing To Dance On ‘This Week’!


On Thursday night, Primal Scream’s lead singer, Bobby Gillespie, was a guest on the BBC’s ‘This Week’. The NME reports that he was there to offer his thoughts on a Hard Brexit and why it could be a catastrophe for the UK.

Gillespie was speaking to Andrew Neil about this very important issue for Britain, “Politically, we’re going backwards, we’re going back to the 30s.”


Outspoken musicians are nothing new and despite being a rocker who has previously been mistaken for a walking pharmacy, Gillespie was making an intelligent argument. However, what happened next is truly magnificent.

As the show drew to a close, host, Andrew Neil, attempted to get his guests to accept the Skibidi challenge. NME’s Nick Reilly describes the dance as an annoying craze ‘that is infecting the internet like a bad case of the clap.’

Neil joined forces with none other than Michael Portillo and Labour’s Caroline Flint in providing a cringe-worthy attempt.

However, Boby Gillespie was wise enough not to lower himself to their level of jaw-dropping awkwardness. Instead, the legend just sat there as animated as a tombstone. Respect. Of course, the internet went berserk! Check out the clip below.

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