Children Found Dead In Ballinteer Were Murdered

Murdered Ballinteer Children And Their Mother Laid To Rest In Dublin
The investigation into Seema Banu's death continues

The atrocity that was uncovered by Gardaí, who had to break into Seema Banu’s home yesterday, beggars belief. The body of the 37-year-old mother of Asfira (11) and her brother Fazam (6), was discovered with a note and a ligature in a bedroom at the house in Ballinteer, when Gardaí from the armed support unit broke into their home.

The children were found face-down in another bedroom in the house off Llewellyn Lawn. Garda sources state that the children were strangled.  A post-mortem is being carried out on Seema Banu’s body to confirm the cause of death. The Gardaí have not ruled out foul play.

Ms Banu, who was originally from India but had been living in Ireland for many years, was the subject of an alleged horrific assault earlier this year. The assault left Ms. Banu unconscious and very seriously injured. A male suspect has been charged with assault causing harm in that case. The full hearing was to be held in April 2021 and the case was due for mention in the Dublin courts this week.

Ms Banu and her family had been liaising with authorities after the attack in May. There were welfare and safety concerns for the entire family. Neighbours alerted the Gardaí when they had not seen Ms Seema or her children for the past number of days. The blinds and curtains remained drawn on the windows of their home and neighbours were concerned as this was not typical of the family’s day-to-day behaviour. It is understood that the bodies of the mother and two children may have lain undiscovered for some days. A tap had been left running, flooding their home. It is believed that this may have been done by someone hoping to destroy evidence.

The dead woman’s husband is believed to have voluntarily arrived, with a legal representative, at a Garda station. He is said to be helping Gardaí with their enquiries.

Last night a candlelight vigil was organised to remember the family. Attended by about 200 local friends and neighbours, the gathering on the green near Seema Banu’s family home was a solemn affair. People left candles around a tree in the park.

Gardaí have asked that people stop speculating about the tragic deaths of Seema, Asfira and Fazam on social media. Any potential legal proceedings could be hampered by undue or untrue information being spread.

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