Collins Confronts Claims He Dumped Second Wife By Fax

Phil Collins

Former Genesis frontman Phil Collins was once forced to confront claims that he had dumped his second wife with the use of a fax machine.

The singer, 69, has had an amazing music career, leading Genesis to fame before embarking on solo stardom.

The iconic drummer’s most recent marriage has come to an end. According to reports, the singer’s third marriage concluded through a text message.

Phil got the text in July but it wasn’t before long when Orianne moved on. The 46 year-old secretly married part-time guitarist Thomas Bates in Las Vegas, according to a sensational court filing in the US.

Orianne, 46, said in the message she had “found someone and would like to try to see if I can be happy again”.

Phil’s former wife informed him by text message to tell him the marriage was over and that she “had moved on.”

Phil and Orianne wed in 1999 and split in 2008, only to reunite in 2016.

Phil first married Andrea Bertorelli in 1975, with the couple splitting after five years of marriage. He then went on to marry Jill Tavelman in 1984 but the pair finalised their divorce twelve years later. This divorce became the subject of gossip as rumours emerged that Collins had used a fax machine to break the news to Jill.

Phil spoke to ABC News in in 2016, addressing the claims. The singer claimed it as untrue and that it “really hurt” his career and “public persona.”

“I just thought it would be an opportunity just to lay it all out, Collins told the station. ” If I say it didn’t happen, I’m trusting that people will believe me.” 

Phil and Jill’s actress daughter Lily Collins recently starred in Netflix’ Emily in Paris.

Collins also has a son called Simon with his first wife and adopted her daughter Joely from a previous relationship.

Phil made the headlines last week when the singer demanded that Donald Trump stop using his music at rallies. The singer filed a Cease and Desist Order against the president’s electoral party.