Consumers Told To ‘Shop Around’ On Broadband As Prices Rise


Irish consumers are being urged to shop around to get a better deal on their broadband.

A recent report found Irish broadband to be the third most expensive in Europe – but despite that, four of the country’s biggest suppliers have all announced recent price hikes.

David Liston from One Big Switch says more than 6,600 households have answered the call by challenging their bills.


“There’s been a huge amount of price rises in the past month. All four of the major broadband retailers in Ireland have announced price rises coming into effect from October and through to January.

These price rises are hitting Irish families very hard. What we’ve seen is that the idea that Irish people are going to sit back and take it, is not the case.

We are seeing 300 people join One Big Switch every single day – just to get a better deal on their broadband.”