Councillor Says Banning Shots Will Help Curb Drunkenness

Close up of people holding burning shots of absinthe during a party.

There’s been a call for shots of alcohol to be banned from bars late at night ahead of changes to laws around the sale of alcohol, before extended opening hours come in.

Australian city Adelaide announced a similar ban on the serving of shots after 2 am, to crack down on drunken brawls and generally unwelcome anti-social behaviour.

Independent Dublin Councillor Mannix Flynn says a similar ban here would end ‘panic drinking at closing time‘.

Councillor Flynn says the move would help to crack down on late night drunkenness, calling it a ‘health and safety issue’.

We’ve already got late-night bars on the likes of Harcourt Street, and Camden Street can be a terrible mess.

If you drive up those areas at two or three in the morning, and it’s absolutely sad to see the number of people inebriated, drunk, out of their mind, twisted, locked and falling from one end of the place to the next“.