Courtney Love Is Now Being Sued By Frances Bean’s Ex-Husband’s Ex Girlfriend


This circus is spiraling out of control. Nova recently reported that Courtney Love was being sued by Frances Bean Cobain’s ex, Isaiah Silva, for a range of misdemeanors such as entering into a conspiracy with several people to break into his home, beat him up, kidnap him and try to murder him so they could gain possession of Kurt Cobain’s legendary guitar.

It was also alleged that Love’s manager Sam Lutfi and two other men robbed, assaulted, sexually battered, kidnapped and attempted to murder him at his house. Now, Silva’s ex Jessica Sullivan has also claimed that she was harassed by Love and Lutfi and has filed a suit for stalking and emotional distress.


According to TMZ, Sullivan cohabited with Cobain and Silva for a while in 2014. When things went pear shaped in the couple’s relationship, it’s said that Love attempted to bribe Sullivan to take Frances’ side and then threatened her when she didn’t comply.

According to documents filed, Sullivan claims that Lufti called her in 2016 threatening to put her on the street, while calling her a ‘fucking’ c**t’ and telling her to die. It’s also alleged that Lufti threatened, her  kid will be in an orphanage. Love is also accused of causing endless phone calls to Sullivan after they advertised her puppy as free on Craigslist.

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