Covid Deniers Reveal Extent of Idiocy With Paddy’s Day Rave Plan


A rave is being planned on social media to take place on St. Patrick’s Day in the ‘Kildare-Dublin‘ area. Organisers say they don’t want to have “another miserable Paddy’s Day” and are selling tickets for €20 per person alongside a promise that they will get the chance to “party hard” at the event.

They say the exact location will be revealed 12 hours beforehand, and have said that over 400 tickets have been sold so far.

Organisers have described Covid as a ”hoax”, and say they believe the current restrictions will end on March 5th and the gathering can then go ahead.

Under Government rules, social gatherings, both indoor and outdoor, are prohibited.

A private Instagram account’s bio reads: “Paddys day lockdown rave in the kildare/Dublin area 17th march 2021 tickets are €20.”

It ends with the pledge: “Let’s not have another miserable paddys day let’s party hard.”

The promise comes despite the fact Covid cases in Ireland remain critically high and are unlikely to fall to a level where social venues would reopen in time for this event.

The account currently boasts under 1,000 followers. Gardai had yet to pass comment on the potential event as of Monday noon.

However, with lockdown likely to remain, it seems highly unlikely that such an event could take place without breaching restrictions.