Covid Pops Dublin out of International Top Ten of ‘Most Livable’ Cities

Dublin - Over The Bridges

Dublin has been dropped out of the top 10 ‘most liveable‘ cities in the world. It has lost its ranking for the first time since 2018.

This annual report from ECA International evaluates cities on a variety of livability factors such as health services; housing, personal safety and leisure facilities.

This year Dublin has fallen out of the top 10 and is now ranked in 15th position due to the impact of Covid-19.

Lockdown measures have impacted the livability of 70% of other cities around the world.

Three Scandinavian cities – Copenhagen, Stavanger and Gothenburg – make up this year’s top three as the most liveable cities in the world for expats.

MEP for Dublin Ciaran Cuffe says there are reasons for this:

I think we need to think about designing a better city. Its no accident that a city like Copenhagen tops the league because they think about the beauty of the city as well as the utilitarian aspects.

If they’re putting in a post box or traffic signal box… they think about how it looks. I think we need to focus on that in Dublin.

I think we’re naturally conservative in Ireland – we’ve rarely if ever embraced radical change. I think that’s where political leadership is required: people need to stick their head above the parapet a bit and say this is what we want to achieve’.

The best thing we can do in Dublin is look at cities that get it right and learn from them.”